How they work

The Committees worked for a long time in the framework of a Joint Programme with UNESCO, collaborating with the uN agency and the local office of the Italian Ministry for culture.

On the contrary, now the Association receives a list of priorities from the Supentiendencies and other local entities - such as the Comune di Venezia or the Patriarchal Curia . and the individual Committees, select the monuments and works of art they wish to restore with their own financial means and donations.

On other occasion they select their project directly and not from the priorities indicated by the institutions.

Each Committee, in agreement with the Superintendecy - that works in collaboration with the Association in the framework of an Agreement subscribed in 2017 and available here - entrust a firm after a market survey. The works are directed by the Superintendency.

Each Committee supervises the works and contributes to the directives for their proper execution .